Rusya Federasyonu nereye gidiyor?

Bir Yanıt to “Rusya Federasyonu nereye gidiyor?”

  1. souls who says this country … my homeland … who knows maybe tomorrow we’ll be together today as a thesis, perhaps sooner than tomorrow … this is easy to land with precious … olunmamıştır sold this land … maybe I was … but I’m not fighting. to the bone .. I can feel it in me … my ancestors on us … we all escrow sahipçıkacağız the heart of this beloved land of nationalism, nationalism tasviyesi stands … who is going to be either … some are saying they are … or nationalism, and nationalism are the same ….. what does this mean … say, would be appointed in the internal and external malicious calls out to us …. and … who told us that we in the moment before he says, all its shipyards occupied ….. thankfully atam … … but internal subversives dağılmadı armies and the people’s ears too …. but in need of paint images that nonsense tıkıyorlar.gözünü Let’s not forget that we have power in the blood … it’s no manual ….. dağdakileri diyenlerle plains gather, those who become rich with my son’s wedding coins, may be handed wonder .. is played now with Cyprus SEC denktaşın dear life bölücelere health may interfere with some of the bereketlenirde Turkey proper power we can … but behind him, and could have dündeki like … a lot of governments who think the country is less than the vanquished suffered in Cyprus may be the same in Western Thrace table … behind Western Thrace Turks will never win the state … this is enough duramamıştır might have the same success in Cyprus with the Greek with no kormadan are employing the same tactics … before thinking about religion … then … then the books in Turkish, such as what happened unuturulacak re-written … Trying to forget … and the floor and behind the writers still can talk turkey … my nation …. Do not be afraid of civilization …. before you call a monster with one tooth had slaughtered a race … korea japan … even tried Dispelling trends. divide the nations of Yugoslavia and Russia is a tool of nationalist …. .. .. tore pokers … Iraq … Afghanistan … Palestine … with curlers …. Iranain intimidation and lies, supposedly our friend … hand in hand as dividers, and we wonder …. but they are not afraid of my nation defeated hayâsızca …
     Kossa to walk .. not .. .. .. and other evangelical uçsanda traps catch the bustle ..

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